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Decadence 30cl Soy wax candles

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As luxurious and exquisite as its big sister, the 30cl Decadence Contains our Rosewood crackle wick, along with premium Soy wax and is available in a range of luxury fragrances. 

Holding 242g of premium eco- soy wax and fragrance, our candles are designed to throw scent out wide and far, with a great, even burn. 

Candle care: Show your candle the love it deserves by making sure your wick is no longer than 1/4 of an inch. Your first burn should always be 4 hours to allow even melting. We recommend always burning in 4 hour increments as this allows your candle to warm thoroughly and give off maximum scent. Soy wax burns slower than paraffin wax, which means your candle will last longer than cheaper alternatives. Soy wax will not give off toxins which are known to be harmful to pets and humans. As with all candles, you can experience some black soot due to fragrance oils, however this is greatly reduced when using quality soy candles such as ours.