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Parma Violet soy wax melt bar

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Good enough to eat BUT DO NOT EAT! ūüėā

Our son has an obsession with Parma Violets, so we knew we had to make this fragrance of wax melt for him and it has been a HUGE hit! That distinctive aroma that is light and sweet, yet strong enough to emanate throughout the home, is just so delicious. 


Each bar is approx 60G and each square is FULL of rich fragrance,  for smaller rooms, you can even cut each square in half. The scent burns for hours and when used properly, each square can give up to 72 hours fragrance.


Alina Crystals are proud to offer our finest Eco Soy wax melts, using only the highest quality ingredients (100% soybean, 100% natural, 100% Renewable and 100% Environmentally friendly )....Our large range of scented oils are made from natural essential sources.  All Alina Wax Melts are hand made from start to finish, with eliminating household and salon odours in mind. Produced and hand poured in Wiltshire,  We are proud to use only vegan, cruelty free pure soy wax!! Not only is soy wax better for our environment, Soy wax has a lower melting point, its easier to clean & holds our top quality fragrances for longer filling your home, office or salon with your 100% non toxic fragrance, eliminating the release of dangerous carcinogens and toxins!!                                                                                                                             
By contrast, paraffin wax ( which we do NOT use)  is a bi-product of the refinery process for petroleum oil, which is NOT environmentally friendly, non renewable and with harmful toxins and carcinogens   
( Which can be harmful to humans and pets!!! )   
                                                                                                                                           Alina Crystals wax melts are proud to use 100% Naturally sourced ingredients!! 100% renewable 100% recyclable & 100% best Quality 

All of our fragrances are Vegan, Cruelty free, CMR & Phalate Free, Paraben & Silicon Free, plus PEG Free